Akkineni Nagarjuna Movie The GhostAkkineni Nagarjuna has not had much of a success of late. His only film which made little profits for a few buyers was Bangarraju and that was thanks to the Sankranthi season where there were no other biggies to compete. Also, the Bigg Boss show has kept him in the limelight.

Nagarjuna is now busy shooting for his new film The Ghost in Dubai. The working stills from Dubai have come out and they look stylish.

But, there are mixed opinions about Nagarjuna giving preference to English titles. Fans feel that having a title like ‘The Ghost’ makes this an ‘A’ center film already.

Nagarjuna’s recent film, Wild Dog had an English title and did not go deep into the B,C audience. Again, the title ‘The Ghost’ sounds like a film being confined to A centers or has OTT appeal, fans feel.

As there is a lot of time for the shoot to be wrapped up, Akkineni fans want the title to be changed as Telugu titles also have a very good reach which was proved with recent films like Pushpa.