The Fight Between Deverakonda & Devaiah ContinuesVijay Deverakonda’s political opinions about democracy and preferring dictatorship over democracy didn’t go well with a section of social media users and critics who took jibes at him.

Actor Gulshan Devaiah took a jibe at Vijay advising him to take a hair cut to release the heat off Vijay’s head. For which, Anand Deverakonda hit him back with his social media post saying that maybe, Vijay’s head has substance and one needs to understand the context in which he spoke.

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Vijay wanting to be a dictator and also his suggestion not allowing a section to vote was seen as immature comments without understanding the gravity of being in a dictatorship and how it would tend to totally turn authoritarianism.

However, Gulshan Devaiah apologized through his tweet that he didn’t mean it to be a personal jibe but even in the context Vijay spoke, his argument is feeble according to the Kannada actor.

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