With several postpones altering the dates of the release of Jr NTR’s much awaited film Baadshah, the eager fans went on a rampage these past days to lay down severe pressure on the filmmakers in order to get them to declare the release date of the movie. Apparently, the movie was scheduled to be released during the 2013 Sankranthi but unfortunately got pushed back due to some unanticipated impediment in shooting schedules.

The result being that after some serious consideration the release date of Baadshah has been set during summer holidays, in hopes of cashing in on the relatively empty slots and the buzzing holiday season. Proud with the outcome of this hassle and giddy with the apparent status of the unfinished movie, Producer Bandla Ganesh expressed confidence that “Baadshah is going to create wonders at Box Office.” Baadshah is sure giving Nandamuri fans a lot to hope for!