The Family Man 2: Samantha Akkineni Shines As Raji But Raji Fails SamanthaThe much-awaited web series ‘The Family Man 2‘ was released last night. Samantha has been hogging the limelight ever since the trailer released. She is also at the center of the Tamil Rebels (LTTE) controversy since then with opposition from social media to Tamil Nadu Government.

First thing about the controversy is that it is not a story of real events but has inspirations to the real characters. There is LTTE, Srilanka, Tamil Nadu, and Prime Minister Assassination. But then, the directors and writers have given a twist of ISI-LTTE link to weave a fictitious story with the real characters and events. So, pretty much the controversy is about nothing.

Coming to Samantha, we have seen several impressive things in the trailer and she continued the same in the web series as well. We see Samantha as Raji who becomes a rock with the visuals of losing her family and being raped by innumerable men. While she is in exile in India as Refugee, she faces exploitation everywhere.

Raji is a character where the actress does not smile even for once. Her face speaks about the emptiness in her life and her focus on her mission. She grows into a tough fighter pilot and militant. She does a lot of action and the good part is that most of them look believable.

The scene in which she is forced upon by her employer and the revenge she takes is the major highlight of Samantha’s character and also the web series. It also epitomizes the actor in Samantha. However, midway to the web series, we feel that her character loses steam.

We feel things get too repetitive and she is not offering anything new except for occasional brilliant action. She appears more like a deadpan indicating the exploitation she underwent. Probably, a different kind of emotion could have been portrayed using that ‘mother land’ emotion.

All in all, Samantha has given her best for Raji but Raji failed Samantha.

Its not like the character is a letdown but it can be a lot better which could have enhanced Samantha’s efforts as well as the output of the web series as a whole.