Nagarjuna Akkineni - Bigg Boss 4Large gatherings are still prohibited and maintaining social distance will become a cumbersome task for the makers of any reality show. If the makers of a show like ‘Bigg Boss’ decide to start their next seasons during this period, would it be possible?

‘Bigg Boss 4, Telugu’ was creating a lot of buzz because it was expected to come to the television sets at least by August. However, further postponement of the reality show only explains that it would be like a double-edged sword hanging on the makers of such shows.

Though the participants might be limited to 15 or a couple more, the entire unit would be comprising at least 200-250 members. So, following all the norms strictly and also ensuring that no one’s health is put at risk will be a bigger task.

King Nagarjuna was expected to host the fourth season of the popular reality show. However, things will be clear only when the makers can actually pan out a plan amidst corona scare and lockdown restrictions.

Maybe, reality shows might have to take a chill pill due to the current situation as even the face and format of the reality shows might have to change.