‘Sneha Geetham’ and ‘It’s My Love Story’ fame Director Madhura Sreedhar recently catalogues his favourite films in terms of the way each of their stories were narrated. The five films that made this special list was notably Ramesh Sippy’s ‘Sholey’ released in 1975, RK Narayan’s ‘Guide’ released in 1965, Mani Ratnam’s ‘Geetanjali’ released in 1989, Mother India released in 1957 and Shiva released in 1989.

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Shreedhar sees some distinct qualities in each of these films where Sholay appeals for its distinctive character sketching style, Geetanjali for the poetic love story set in the backdrop of beautiful Ooty, Shiva for optimizing techniques for a better storytelling and Mother India for its paramount perfection in narrating stories regarding issues seen in the society of that time. The movie ‘Guide’ though, according to Sreedhar, “defied every rule and was an eye-opener for filmmakers who want to go to the next-level. It was present in a flashback mode and the film got to me from the very beginning.”