The Ever Manipulative Kangana Ranaut Targets KrishWith each new day passing fresh twists are evolving in the on-going war of words between Kangana Ranaut and director Krish. While Kangana herself doesn’t come out, her sister Rangoli speaks on her behalf. In the meantime, Manikarnika is holding steady, and if the same continues for the upcoming weekend, it would be a genuine success.

First of all looking strictly at everything that has been said and is going on, we have to take side with director Krish. The regular Bollywood audience might not be aware of his style, but Krish is known to deliver excellent quality films (making wise) within a short time. Now, imagine such a director working for more than 100 days on a project? That would constitute the maximum part, undoubtedly, even if it’s not completed fully. Here Krish also agrees that it wasn’t entirely complete, but was almost near completion.

The problem in the whole issue seems to be who directed what and the percentage. It is here there are conflicting issues with various members involved with the team taking sides. Ultimately, even in this scenario, it can’t be denied that Kangana had cut many short parts and made the whole enterprise self-centric. Many actors have come forward and said the same.

What seems to have actually happened is there was the usual patchwork shoot that got extended due to Kangana. She shot some additional footage (a song) and reshot some same scenes giving her the prominence.

The recent tweets of Krish, following the screenshot posted by Rangoli, makes the manipulative game played by Kangana further clear. It is the sort of mudslinging game that has been going on by the sisters. Either the opposition has to stop and stay silent or else the female angle is brought up. It was also why actor Sonu Sood and others didn’t go on and just gave a muted response. Director Krish has chosen to spoke, and that is why the whole issue.