The number of remakes of Tamil films in other industries certainly means that the quality of Tamil cinema is increasing predominantly. While Bollywood is busy making every other hit Tamil film, it is also to be noted that Telugu cinema too is not hesitating to jump on the remake bandwagon.

The recent remakes of Tamil films in Telugu include “Sudigadu”, “Tadakha”, “Ye Maya Chesavae”, “Billa”, “Gemini” and “Shambo Shiva Shambo”. There are so many other films in the offing that are soon to be remade in Telugu. One of the reasons of these remakes is that most of these Tamil films are highly successful and highly creative.

Most Telugu producers are now eyeing to remake small-budget Tamil films that are a hit in Tamil Nadu. One of the recent Tamil low-budget hits “Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kannum” is getting ready for release in Telugu.