Following his last release in the form of Vasthadu Na Raju, Vishnu Manchu didn’t try his hand at any movies until now when his comic entertainer Denikaina Ready is scheduled hit the silver screens on the twenty fourth of this month. But following this long break, Manchu appears to have thrown himself into his work.

Vishnu is currently involved in the promotion of Denikaina Ready for which he was on a trip to Karnataka and Kerala. Manchu says, “We actors have to think beyond borders and reach out to as many markets as possible to get better returns on our investment.”

Beyond this task, Vishnu is working towards his dream project based on Ramayana. “To me, Rama is an excellent marksman; a warlord. We were specific on the episodes we want to narrate and writer Bharavi has done an extraordinary job. There are 52 versions of Ramayana and when we look deep, it’s interesting to note the different perspectives,” says Vishnu.