The portrayal of the controversial southern sensation Silk Smitha has become a trend due to the National Award winning Bollywood movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ starring Vidya Balan as Silk. This time it’s the Southern film industry which is planning to give a tribute to the legendary actress.

The film is titled ‘Climax’ in Malayam and ‘Nadigaiyin Diary’ in Tamil where New Actress Award winner Sana Khan will portray the role of Silk Smitha. It will be shot in Malayalam only but will later be dubbed and released in Tamil as well. The filmmakers also want to make sure that the movie is not at completely a remake of ‘The Dirty Picture’.

According to the lead actress Antony Eastman, the storywriter for Climax or Nadigaiyin Diary, introduced Silk Smitha to Malayalam cinema and knew her very well. She said, “Nadigaiyin Diary will be a very close representation of the reality of Silk’s life.”