Director Sanjana Reddy - Kona VenkatFor the last couple of days, a scary buzz was doing the rounds related to one of the directors in the Telugu film industry. It is Sanjana Reddy of Raju Gadu fame. The movie had Raj Tarun in the lead and released in 2018.

The reports suggested that Sanjana Reddy is in critical condition, and has been admitted in the hospital. Furthermore, it was said that she is on ventilator support. The confirmation of high fever led many to expect the worst.

However, writer Kona Venkat has come up with clarity regarding the health of Sanjana Reddy. He reveals that there is nothing to worry about and critical. She is in the hospital, he confirmed. But it is for a different issue than what the reports outside speculate and suggest, according to Kona. And finally, Kona Venkat revealed that Sanjana Reddy would be back from the hospital in the next couple of days.

Kona Venkat asked the people to stop speculation regarding the health of Sanjana Reddy. She is fine, assured the writer.

It was only recently that Sanjana Reddy hit the headlines with a new project. She will be handling a pan-India project, a biopic on legendary weightlifter Karanam Malleswari. We hope she is back to her healthy self and make the film industry proud with her sophomore attempt.

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