‘The’ Devarakonda - Really?Today Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha’s upcoming film ‘Kushi‘ was announced, and it created quite a furor on social media.

To begin with, Pawan Kalyan fans were not happy that Deverakonda was using the title of PK’s cult classic film Khushi. Many were saying that Khushi means Pawan Kalyan. A similar thing happened with Nani’s Gang Leader, which earned the ire of Mega fans.

Now another thing about the film has become the target of trolls. In the poster, VD’s name is mentioned as The Vijay Deverakonda,’ which many are saying sounds preposterous and narcissistic.

Netizens were trolling VD for such over-the-top confidence and attitude. They said that Deverakonda’s ego has become too big, and he thinks others in the cast don’t hold as much value as him. Sam fans were saying Samantha, who is much more talented and has given more hits than VD, is credited as only ‘Samantha,’ but he has become ‘The Vijay Deverakonda,’ which is silly.

‘The’ Vijay Deverakonda has pinned all his hopes on Liger. His last two films, World Famous Lover and Dear Comrade failed to impress the audience.