The-Deadly-Combo-to-Get-Back-Vijay-Deverakonda's-StarhoodPeople still think of Arjun Reddy when it comes to talking about the star stature that Vijay Deverakonda has been enjoying ever since that film. Geetha Govindam added to the fire in the hero and then gradually the hero started to lose his light with average outings and the recent flop, Dear Comrade. But his next line-up seems to get his light back in line instantly.

Putting Kranthi Madhav’s ‘World Famous lover’ aside, Vijay has another potential project in had with Puri Jagannath who just delivered a mass commercial hit. If the director continues the form, Puri’s Fighter could become the come-back hit for the Arjun Reddy star but that was not quite enough. Now that he announced VD12 in collaboration with Dil Raju and Shiva Nirvana, the path looks all clear for Vijay to hit the blockbuster for sure.

Shiva Nirvana gave the biggest hit for Naga Chaitanya with Majili and the director who is growing with each film has the potential to deliver a big hit for VD. If these two films work big, Deverakonda will be back into the star limelight again and cement his place further in the industry. It is very crucial now as we are at a time where consistency is critical, which is why he needs to deliver back to back hits with no gap. Let’s see.