Megastar Chiranjeevi as long as he lasted as a star in Telugu cinema remained the undisputed number. The fact that even today a race is ongoing among the post Chiranjeevi stars to get to the coveted thrown speaks of the domination Chiranjeevi had. During his final years Pawan Kalyan was in struggling mode, Allu Arjun was a relatively new comer with only few films under his belt.

Then the star took sabbatical from films and his son Ram Charan debuted. The ‘Mega’ base expanded even though the Megastar wasn’t making films. And then the politics happened and Magadheera happened. The real problem though started after Magadheera as the relative inexperience of Charan and Allu Arjun and lack of consistency of Pawan Kalyan culminated in the ‘Mega’ force being shaken and its dominance being questioned.

It continued for nearly two years and the way things were going then many started predicting the doomsday for the stars from ‘Mega’ family and slowly Magadheera was seen as a fluke. It also didn’t help that the rival heroes were scoring some big hits of the day. All this firmly put up a question in minds of the fans and even regular observers that – finally the dominance of the ‘Mega’ family was over.

And then two years ago on this day a film released amidst very little to no expectations with a no-name director. Things haven’t been the same ever since for the family and the dominance was again restored in their favor. We are of course talking about the Ram Charan starrer Racha which went on to create new records back then and became the comeback vehicle for not just Ram Charan but for the entire family. The film was followed by Gabbar Singh, Julayi the same year truly dispelling all the doubts of naysayer’s. Since then despite few missteps (only one film below 20 Cr among nine releases) the dominance (six 40 Cr plus movies) has well and truly continued.

Were you surprised by this resurgence or you always expected them to bounce back? What do you think changed with Racha? Share us you thoughts.