The Cub Follows The Lion, Chiru’s Playful Welcome To Charan Going Viral

The Cub Follows The Lion, Chiranjeevi’s Playful Welcome To Ram Charan Going ViralA day after Megastar Chiranjeevi entered social media, his son Ram Charan too has joined the space. Yes, Mega Powerstar Ram Charan is back on Twitter with a new ID.

Ram Charan’s first message was expectedly about the Coronavirus. Charan said that he was inspired by Pawan Kalyan and would be donating 70 lakh each to the Centre and the two Telugu states governments.

Pawan Kalyan immediately responded to the Tweet and expressed gratitude to Ram Charan for doing the deed in the hour of need. However, what caught everyone’s curiosity is Powerstar following Charan, but not Chiranjeevi, yet.

Meanwhile, Megastar Chiranjeevi welcomed Charan in a playful and straightforward manner that is winning the internet and going viral, especially the fans. He said that the cub (Charan) follows the lion (Chiranjeevi).

Charan was initially part of the Twitter during its nascent stages itself, but he quit it citing negativity. In the years that have passed, it (the negativity) has only increased. We have to see if Charan has changed his outlook.

The presence of all Mega family heroes on social media is happy news for the fans for sure. The Ugadi has indeed cheered them up like no one else.

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