A study into the workings of Telugu Cinema has revealed a major divide on which Telugu films seem to thrive on. On one side of this divide lies the commercial films which cater mostly to the major film watching population generally known as the masses, while on the other side of the same side lies movie watchers with a more artistic sense, commonly referred to as the classes.

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In an effort to make their films successful, most of the movies aim for the masses, which are aimed to basically enthrall us and are not particularly intelligent. The motif here seems to be along the lines of ‘Just go with the flow, we are not making intelligent films which require you to use your grey cells.’ While some movies like Arundhati, Magadheera, Dookudu and Gabbar Singh transcend the lines of distinction and caters to both sides of the equation, these remain far and few.

The verdict therefore is that, in trying to gratify the needs of the masses, filmmakers have essentially forgotten the inherent art of the cinema.

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