The recent news being heard in Tollywood is about a brand new studio being made for all the shooting. The studio will open its doors to all the filmmakers from all the industries in India as well as for the television and commercials shoots. Rs 100 crores has been invested in the studio, named Annapurna Studios Pvt Ltd, in order to modernize the soundstages and to have improved production facilities. The studio will also be very durable so that it can handle all the banging and booming of the industry.

The studio which is presently wrecked and ruined will have five extra climate controlled production floors to perform the present day needs of technology. Y Supriya, executive director of Annapurna Studios Private Ltd., stated about the studio that it is both a challenge and an opportunity. The chairman of the studio is the granddaughter of beloved veteran actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao.