Ram Gopal Varma is one person who is not new to trouble. With his latest horror flick ‘Bhoot Returns’ hitting the box office this very weekend, Varma is once again in a difficult position. It appears that a special screening of the movie was held for the child actor Alayna Sharma who plays a pivotal role in the movie and her parents.

But faced with a movie no child of her age should watch, Alayna was obviously terrified and in great distress. Apparently Sharma has scared to the point of suffering palpitations and her parents are afraid she will be affected mentally for some time to come. The concerned parents are now planning to file a lawsuit against Varma.

It seems like trouble follows Ram Gopal Varma everywhere. Although in this case, the winner of the blame game is not so easy to decide. Who is at fault—the director who organized the screening or the parents who not only allowed a little girl to watch the horror flick but also accompanied her?