The past two days have been super exciting for fans of movie lovers in general and Telugu movie lovers in particular. They got to see as many as four teaser trailers in the last two days and these are some of the biggest movies going to release soon. The teaser that we saw were of films Govindudu Andarivadele, Power and Aagadu and the only trailer was that of Sikindar that releases in the coming week. So what has been the overall census on these teaser. Read on.

1. Govindudu Andarivadele:

Not much was expected from this by even the hardcore supporters of Ram Charan considering the track record of director Krishna Vasmi in mind. This low expectations seems to have done the trick as the first teaser released from the film has met with unanimous positive response from everyone. The breathtaking visuals and the music in teaser are the things that instantly registered among all along with a fresh looking Charan. The fact that the film no where near as hyped as some of the other biggies up until recently suddenly zoomed up in the anticipation meter is reason enough to say how well it has been liked.

2. Aagadu:

The first teaser of this Superstar Mahesh Babu’s starrer was a smash hit. When the second teaser for the film was announced to arrive few days ago, the expectations on it had raised to unbelievable level thanks to the first teaser. This seems to be the reason for a little bit of dissatisfaction in some quarter because otherwise the teaser was good. Whatever may be the reaction for the second teaser, the film is still the most keenly awaited release in the coming season.

3. Power:

First teaser of Power was well received with Ravi Teja in a mass beard look. In the second teaser he shows exactly opposite look with a clean shaven and strict officer look. With the two teasers they have done good job at hinting the story of the film subtly and yet maintaining mystery over the final product. Add to it the slick editing and good background score by Thaman, Power teaser too has hit the mark.

4. Sikindar:

Suriya films generally have good hype about them in Telugu but Sikindar has so far not caught up among the audience. The trailer had come too late and also it has probably revealed a bit too much about its story and its twists. Whatever it is the film is going to release soon, so at this point it might not matter much as the audience most probably would have decided to see it anyway.

This is the overall consensus that we seem to be led to, based on the responses for the teasers so far. Do you agree with the order or if you have a different order and view on it. Whatever it is share us in the comments section below.