The Baffling case of Jiah khan Death

The whole Bollywood actress Jiah Khan case has been a complete puzzle. With her mother Rabiya Khan bent on proving that Jiah’s death was a murder and not a suicide, there has been baffling updates. The latest move on Rabiya’s part has been the sting operations she has done on the eight prime witnesses of the act whom the police had used to prove that the incident was a suicide. However, the new transcripts that Rabia has sent in to the Bombay High court in order to get a fresh investigation shows that these witnesses changed their statements.

Meanwhile, the prime suspect, Aditya Pancholi made a shocking statement that told Rabiya to focus on her remaining daughters instead of trying to make his son’s life hell. He also said that in her heart she must know that his son is innocent but she seems to have lost her mental equilibrium in her quest to seek compensation for her daughter’s death.