That’s Why We Don’t Regret Missing Sankranthi Date

That's Why We Don't Regret Missing Sankranthi DateRavi Teja is coming with ‘Disco Raja’ which looks very promising and entertaining with director Vi Anand at the helm of the things and the teaser he cut that was white impressive.

Ravi Teja, the Mass Maharaja of the Telugu Film Industry says that he doesn’t regret missing the big movie season like Sankranthi festival season. If the promo is good, it will automatically bring audiences to theatres, says the mass star.

Talking about the impact of digital platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, Ravi Teja had a difference of opinion as he thinks that there is no impact of the digital platforms ic the teaser is good enough to attract the audiences to the theatres.

He thinks that people will decide after watching the teaser. He thinks that the audiences have decided to watch his film.and he doesn’t mind missing the festival season.

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