Gopichand Malineni is riding high on the success of his latest film Veera Simha Reddy which is on course to be a hit. Recently in an exclusive chitchat with Mirchi 9, he revealed some unknown facts about the making of the film and the experience of working with a star like Balakrishna.

Gopichand Malineni proved that he is one of those directors who could extract an excellent performance from Balakrishna, just like Boyapati Srinu. Especially in the pre-interval scene, Gopichand showed his skill in directing Balakrishna, where the actor just hit it out of the park.

So during the chitchat, we asked Gopichand why all directors can’t extract such a magical performance from Balakrishna in their films. Gopichand said, “Balakrishna is like a small kid with a blank mind. He is a director’s delight. Any director can create wonders if he understands and utilizes Balayya’s emotional side. Even his silence can turn out to be powerful.” Probably that’s the reason why those films of Balakrishna did not work as per Gopichand.

He also added that even though he is a big fan of NBK, he could match wavelength with Balakrishna only after he participated in his talk show, Unstoppable.

It was during this show that he became comfortable with Balakrishna, and he understood more about his body language and strengths, which he can put to good use in his film.