genelia baby and riteshEver since Genelia has delivered a baby boy the household of the Deshmukh’s has been one busy place. People not just from family but well wishers from across the country and fans have been sending wishes to the couple on their parenthood.

Sadly this has also given space for fake imposters to create trouble again. Suddenly a new profile of Genelia emerged on social networking platform and started to post the pictures of the couple and also as part of these posted the pictures of new born baby. As soon as they were posted it spread like wildfire on social networking sites which brought the profile under spotlight. Soon Riteish Deshmukh came to know about it and declared it as a fake one.

The actor is currently overjoyed with happiness and going by the numerous requests of fans, he would be sooner or later revealing t himself. It would therefore make sense if one waits for him to be the one to post it rather than create such fake profiles. What do you say?