Thats-My-Selfishness-Says-SSRajamouliSS Rajamouli has attained global accreditation with RRR. The film was a surprisingly big hit in the West and it gained unprecedented reach for any Indian film till now. It is a raging hit on Netflix and the fact that it trended in the top 10 positions in 60 different countries on Netflix implies the same.

In his latest interaction with an English portal, Rajamouli opened up about the epic RRR and the way forward for him.

“After Baahubali, there was certainly pressure on my next film. I am happy that RRR has now transcended boundaries. Now, I want Indian stories to be showcased on the global level. I want to be in the foreground of it and that’s my selfishness,” Rajamouli said.

The fact that Rajamouli said he wishes to make films that cater to the global audience could be an indication that his next with Mahesh Babu, SSMB29 will be big. This should leave Mahes’s fans greatly excited.

“You make big-event lavish budget films, the risk is more. If the film succeeds, the producers will get good returns, else the losses will be huge. With urbane films, the risk is low as the budget is lesser. But the reach and box office pull will also be lesser” Rajamouli adds.