Nani Tuck Jagadish OTT ReleaseNatural Star Nani’s Tuck Jagadish has landed upon OTT. The actor has released an emotional note revealing the pain he is undergoing with the decision. Meanwhile, there are reports that Shine Screens – the production house behind the movie sealed a Direct-to-OTT release without the knowledge of Nani.

Producers taking a call about a star film and that too in a crucial issue like Direct-to-OTT is a big joke. No star will tolerate it. No production house will do that because it will dent their image in other stars. Sources close to Nani and Shine Screens call the report complete rubbish.

“Nani was in the loop at every stage. The actor was clearly upset but the producers requested due to the increasing burden of interests and uncertainty,” they said.

“Nani has agreed to the deal reluctantly which left the producers with good profits,” they added. Probably, these people are trying to showcase that Nani has no role in this decision but actually they are demeaning Nani as a Star.

Buzz is that the movie is releasing on September 10th as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. Amazon Prime Video will announce the release date and kickstart the promotions. Meanwhile, Nani currently has Shyam Singha Roy which has completed its shoot and he moved on to shooting for his next project, Ante Sundaraniki.Nani Press Note