That's The Reason Why RRR Could Not Cross Baahubali 2RRR is the biggest box office grosser post the pandemic, but it isn’t quite in the league of Baahubali 2 and there is a strong reason behind the same. Baahubali 2 banked on the platform laid by Baahubali 1 and even more so on the “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali” hook point. The film not just attracted the Telugu audience, but it could also pull other language audience to theatres in big numbers.

In the case of RRR, the box office contribution from other markets is not in the range of Baahubali 2’s and that is turning out to be the telling difference between these two films.

Baahubali 2 got off to a spellbinding start not just in Telugu, but also in Hindi, Tamil, and other markets. But owing to the lack of hype, RRR couldn’t open big in other markets. Though RRR gained momentum after the release and the positive word of mouth came out, the lack of opening surge took a toll on overall collections,

In the USA market, RRR’s Telugu version collections are on par with Bahaubali 2’s. But there is a sizeable difference in RRR’s tally ($12.65 million) and Baahubali 2’s tally ($20+ million), all thanks to the fact that the latter enjoyed great patronage from other language audiences.

Even in the domestic market, RRR has breached Baahubali 2’s tally in the twin Telugu states. But Baahubali 2 is miles ahead of RRR in Hindi, Tamil, and Kerala markets. This is the reason why RRR is in no position to cross the overall collections of Baahubali 2.

But again, it isn’t wise to compare RRR with Baahubali 2 as Baahubali duology is a once in a lifetime creation, and recreating that hysteria is near impossible.