Thammareddy rajasekhar controversyThough many had warned him not to do a film with Rajasekhar, knowing his attitude and aware of the discussion going on the actor, Tammareddy Bharadwaj took a wrong decision. Instead of his initial choice Srikanth, he made a blunder by choosing Rajasekhar repents the film maker.

Tamamreddy remade the super hit Bollywood film ‘Baazigar’ with Rajasekhar as ‘Vetagaadu’, which left him in huge financial losses and spoiled his career. He had to struggle for almost 15 years to come out of the debts incurred on him because of that one film.

He accepts that it is his mistake to take Rajasekhar for that film despite knowing that he comes very late to shootings and creates problems for the film makers. The whole combinations and dates used to go waste because of his indiscipline. At that point of time, Thammareddy was on horns of dilemma and took a wrong decision.