That Is Why Radhe Shyam Will Work In Bollywood Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam is releasing on March 11th across the globe. It is the first Pan-India film releasing after the third wave. Ahead of the film’s release, team caught up with Director Radha Krishna for a brief chitchat.

We asked – “South films are succeeding in the North due to the mass masala elements. Moreover, Prabhas has got a superb action image across the country. At this juncture, attempting a class film may be risk. How do you think the movie appeal to Hindi Audience?”

“The character of Palmist is a novel to the entire country. Moreover it has inspiration from a couple of famous Palmists across the globe. The beauty of Palmistry is that it attracts people automatically. If I say the future of some one in this room, automatically others will show their hands. So, it is a great attraction,” Radhakrishna said.

“Everyone has a opinion about astrology. We have people believing it and not believing it. So, it is a good subject. We have the super stardom of Prabhas and there is a very appealing love story more classic than the Romeo – Juliet and Laila Majnu. There are many more surprises in the film. It will definitely be a big success,” the director added.

The director also revealed they are planning another trailer and many events across the country starting from March 2nd.