Tharun-Bhascker-Vs-Critics-What--The-TruthThe buzz on the social media today has been about a slew of comments made by director Tharun Bhascker. Well, at least that’s what many thought and hence started a verbal tirade.

The comments were regarding the critics in Telugu cinema. The poster on micro-blogging site Twitter alleged to be that of Tharun Bhascker went on a rant demeaning the critic’s community in Telugu cinema. The bottom-line was that they need to do a film appreciation course at the least before criticising a movie.

Some took offense to the view and openly attacked the director for the comments that were made. However, it turns out that the Twitter personality could be a fake one. The director confirmed so while addressing another issue elsewhere. He said that was it was an imposter. But by then the word has already spread with Tharun Bhascker being the focus. It is good that the director responded and made things clear sooner, though.