Thank You Chaitu, Will Boycott Your Movie, Say Akkineni FansAkkineni fans are disappointed, and they are on a ranting spree against Naga Chaitanya on social media. No, it is not against Lovestory, but one of his upcoming films, Thank You. Many fans say they will not watch the movie. Here is why?

It is due to Naga Chaitanya’s role in Thank You. Many already know about it, but the extent to which it is used is where the problem lie for Akkineni fans.

Naga Chaitanya is playing Superstar Mahesh Babu’s fan’s president in Thank You. Previously scenes of him erecting Mahesh Babu’s cut out were shot in Hyderabad. Everyone was aware of the role then. In the current schedule in Rajahmundry, as well, similar scenes have been shot. It is what is hurting the Akkineni fans.

A few on-sets pictures have leaked where Naga Chaitanya is seen standing on top of a Mahesh Babu cut out ready to do ‘Palabhisekham’. The scenes are related to 2003 when Mahesh Babu’s film Okkadu hit the cinemas. Naga Chaitanya has turned to a boyish look for the same.

Akkineni fans are hurt seeing their favourite star do ‘hero-worshipping’ of another star. Why can’t it be done with Nagarjuna or some senior of that time instead of a contemporary one is what they question. It reduces the ‘star’ appeal of Chaitanya, according to fans. It is especially embarrassing considering some of the newcomers too haven’t gone this way are the comments one hears from them.

Considering all the stuff leaked so far, some have even gone to the extent of thinking of avoiding Thank You in cinemas. Do you think their anguish is justified?