Pawan Kalyan - ThamanMusic director Thaman is the man of the moment for the last year and a half. He has been scoring one big success after the other. It is during the same period that he signed his first film for Pawan Kalyan. The movie is Vakeel Saab.

Ever since the signing of the project with Pawan Kalyan, Thaman has assured and said many times that it would be a classic and memorable album for the fans. The first single ‘Maguva’ is on the same lines. It isn’t a chartbuster in the typical sense but has got a unique acceptance. It is the go-to song for women related events and celebration. It will be remembered for a long time to come in that way.

However, there has been no news regarding the music for almost a year, now. Finally, it looks like things are moving in that direction with many updates planned in March.

When a fan asked Thaman regarding the output of the album by suggesting some classic Pawan Kalyan albums, the music director assured that Vakeel Saab will find a place among them. It is an impossible task considering the theme of the movie and situations. But, Thaman seems to be very confident.

The second single from Vakeel Saab will be out on March 8th for Women’s Day. Below is the reply of Thaman where he promises a classic album.