It is the norm of Tollywood to have huge number of releases during Sankranthi season and obviously the month of December will be crowdy with audio release events. This time Ram Charan’s Nayak, NTR’s Baadshah and Venkatesh’s Shadow are slated for January 2013 release. Interestingly, Thaman is scoring music for all these movies. Thaman had announced the progress of all these audios in social networking site, Twitter.

Regarding Shadow,
#Shadow is also completed with 3 songs and 2 songs to go…audio will be in December

Regarding Naayak,
#Naayak done with 4 songs 2 more to go audio in december…

Regarding Baadshah,
#Baadshah is done with 3 songs will be completing 2 more this month another 1 in mid October audio in December

And that doesn’t mean Thaman is free till December, He will be busy in the month of November too. Settai (Tamil remake of Delhi Belly), Nagarjuna’s Love Story and Siddharth – Nandini Reddy’s movie audio will be releasing in November.