thaman_trivikramRajamouli is making a lot of noise in the global cinema space as RRR has entered Oscars contention with Naatu Naatu. When asked about the same, Trivikram made a strange comment and that has backfired on Trivikram.

When asked about the global fame Rajamouli got with RRR and how he laid the road for Telugu cinema to the Oscars, Thaman replied “I believe Trivikram garu will take us there.”

Thaman’s comment has now drawn criticism from the Telugu crowd on social media.

“What Rajamouli is doing is beyond incredible. How can this Thaman even compare him with Trivikram, who hasn’t even done a pan-India film, let alone a pan-world film with global fame, like Rajamouli is doing?” a netizen commented.

Another netizen pointed out that Trivikram hasn’t even proven himself outside Telugu states while Rajamouli is receiving crazy response from the idealized western folk with RRR. “Thaman’s Trivikram bhajana is senseless”.

Well, Trivikram had nothing to do with this comment but Thaman carried on with his Bhajana and this backfired and in turn, kept Trivikram in the firing line.