Thalaivii OTTKangana Ranaut‘s Thalaivii Hindi version has premiered on Netflix last night, two weeks after its theatrical release. The Telugu and Tamil versions will arrive two weeks later on Amazon Prime Video. The OTT release strategy has triggered a new date in the OTT industry.

Some feel that it will be a bad buy for Amazon Prime Video as the OTT audience would watch the Hindi version. Some even say the Telugu and Tamil versions will have the piracy threat as the audio of the Telugu and Tamil versions will be interlaced to the Original print of the Hindi version.

Those who do not encourage piracy may still watch the Hindi version. OTT has already erased the language barriers and subtitles are always there to help. Thalaivii should be more popular with the South audience for the relatable story. So, the delayed-release may be a problem for Amazon Prime Video.

However, Amazon will happy with the fact that Netflix penetration is not so high due to the high subscription prices. And then, Amazon Prime Video would have certainly made a bid vying all these possibilities. The price would have been set considering all these possibilities.