Thalaivi Trailer TalkThere has been a lot of curiosity on Thalivi ever since the project got launched officially. The pandemic delayed its arrival. But, finally, we are in the final days. The theatrical trailer of Thalaivi is out now on the occasion of Kangana Ranaut’s birthday.

The first thing that stands out from the trailer is the grand and colourful visuals. It gives an impression of the vividly captured life of the legendary personality late J Jayalalithaa. The entire arc of Jayalalithaa, from her early days as an actress to the coronation as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu seems to be covered.

One, however, gets a feeling that nothing new related to Jayalalithaa’s life might be revealed apart from what is known in the public domain. It is purely based on the trailer content as everything seems taken from the readily available pages of her life. To see the truth, we have to wait until actually watching the film, though.

Kangana Ranaut, basking in the glory of yet another National Award win seems to have another ‘winner’ in Thalaivi. She perfectly articulates the various emotions. As a performer, there has never been doubting regarding her portrayal. When it comes to the wronged women part, she nails it. It is the get-up that was under the hammer. We don’t see much of the final years in the trailer apart from brief glimpses in the end.

The casting looks fab, with many known faces playing parts etched in history. Aravind Swamy obviously stands out due to his uncanny resemblance with the legendary MGR. The dialogues do come across as a bit tacky for the Telugu dubbing.

Check out the trailer below. AL Vijay directs Thalaivi. GV Prakash provides the background score. Thalaivi will hit the cinemas in multiple languages, including Telugu, on April 23rd.