Nag says forbes is an inflated fantasyThe world famous Forbes magazine released the list of 100 popular celebrities based on their earnings and fame this week. However this time around the lists raised many legitimate questions. First to begin with Forbes says Pawan is the richest and he beats Mahesh by twofold (Read More Here). While Pawan’s fame has increased big time his earnings compared to Mahesh may not have been doubled since the latter is most popular for his endorsements. Other question raised by many list completely ignores NTR and Thala Ajith. Ajith had a massive opening around Diwali and NTR was ignored completely and Ravi Teja joins the list.

First one to come out and raise the voice is Nag. He says Forbes survey is an inflated fantasy and inaccurate portraying of his income.”Despite my repeated requests and email, my name appeared with non-validated figures in their latest issue, which I think is an inflated fantasy,” “It is my hope that the respected business editors’ estimates are validated by individuals to be more appropriate,” he added. Let’s wait and see who else will come out next.