‘Thagubothu’ Ramesh on ‘drunk’ roles

Ramilla ‘Thagubothu’ Ramesh, the southern actor famous for playing ‘drunk’ characters in maximum movies says, “he doesn’t mind playing such characters because they have given him recognition in showbiz.” The middle name means drunkard in English.

He added, “As long as the audiences accept me in any role I portray, I don’t mind playing it. Moreover, I don’t see what’s wrong in playing a character far too many times that has helped me carve an identity in the industry.”

He looks up to actors like Keshto Mukherjee as inspirations but has his own style on screen. “Keshtoji is my inspiration especially for the drunkard roles I play, but I don’t imitate him at any cost… I look to impress the audience with my own style,” said Ramesh.

As his upcoming film like “Adda” and “Thikka” approach their release dates this year, his answer to the question ‘is his potential being used to the fullest in the same kind of roles?’ is “I may have played the same role more than once but I’m happy that the audiences have accepted it. More importantly, the context in which I’ve played this role has been different each time.”