Chiranjeevi-Godfather-Thaar-MaarThe makers of Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan starrer, Godfather have dropped finally dropped the lyrical video of the first song from the audio album. The song is titled Thakkar Maar and it is a dance number that has two superstars Chiranjeevi and Salman on the dance floor.

Thaman’s composition relies heavily on electronic sounding. The vocals of Shreya Goshal and Thaman suit the theme and the vibe. But we do get a feeling that we’ve heard a similar tune elsewhere. But again, that’s a common problem for most dance numbers of late.

The steps enacted by Chiru and Salman on the dance floor are simple. It sure should be a treat to watch these two superstars on the dance floor on the big screens.

The lyrical video confirms that this is a lavishly shot set song. In the original, Lucifer, there’s no scope for such dance number. It remains to be seen how the makers of Godfather blend this into the narrative. If placed well, it could cater to the galleries. This could be a move to add the commercial aspect which is essential for a film starring two stars like Chiru and Salman.

Godfather is up for release on the 5th of October, marking the Dasara season. The film is directed by Mohan Raja.