TFI's Lady Director Nandini Reddy Still in the Game Nandini Reddy’s ‘Oh Baby’ is in the theaters now, with a good word of mouth. Though it is early to talk about the box-office prospective of the movie, the female director has indeed delivered a decent entertainer.

Lady directors are in not only rare regional film industries but also in Bollywood. Nandini Reddy had a decent start with Nani’s ‘Ala Modalayyindi’ but fell into the backlog followed by a few flops starting with her second movie, a remake of a Bollywood movie.

‘Oh Baby’ is a decent adaptation of a Korean movie and the director did well with an actress like Samantha taking over the mantle as the star who carried the entire movie on her shoulders with her star power.

This movie proved that Nandini Reddy is still in the game and hopefully, she comes with another project very soon without taking much gap. It is proved that, when there is a right script in hand, she can deliver.

We are among those people who sincerely hope that the director would continue the same with a chunk of Samantha’s luck spilling on her.