Bunny_Vas_TFI_MeetingOf late, it has become a customary trend for filmmakers to announce that their theatrical outings will not arrive on OTT anytime soon. As revealed by GA2 Pictures’ Bunny Vas, there are some consolidated decisions to be taken in this regard real soon.

“There’s a crucial meeting taking place in Tollywood tomorrow. We are hearing that producers are likely to present a new clause which mandates 50 days theatrical window before OTT release.”

When asked about how a few producers are receiving extra bucks by orchestrating early OTT release for their films which fail at the box office, Bunny Vas has an interesting response.

“Some producers are saying they get extra money for early OTT release if their films fail. They have a point but they are short term gains. In long term we should save theater system. Some harsh decisions should be taken.” Bunny Vas said.

Bunny Vas goes on to add that theatrical markets are of utmost importance for heroes. “There’s another state hero who is already signing films with 50-days OTT release agreement. Our heroes too will take the OTT release window clause into consideration and act accordingly.”

Bunny Vas is now awaiting the release of Pakka Commercial which is up for theatrical release on 1st July. The film has reportedly struck a 5-week theatrical run clause ahead of its OTT release. The actioner features Gopichand and Raashi Khanna. It is directed by Maruthi.