With the political situations in the state going out of hand and an inevitable split about to happen, Telugu film industry and its associations set up in Hyderabad are feeling the heat. Most of the registration and associations have been for long named after the state Andhra Pradesh and this is what is worrying them. But it looks like the associations have found a solution and the inspiration for all this lies in the very language that we all speak, a language that unifies our industry and gives its identity, Telugu.

Take for example, the AP Cine Writers Association, it has now been renamed as Telugu Cine Writers Association as this way the regions issues are put aside. It is also being heard that the biggest functional body of Telugu cinema currently, AP Film Chamber of Commercial too will be renamed as Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce keeping in view the universal connotation it provides. These changes are in addition to already existing Telugu Film Producers Council and Telugu Film Director’s Association. As we can clearly see most of these organization have clearly decided to go with the language card as that is something that unites us all, from whichever region we may belong to.