The producers of Tollywood seem to facing identity crisis on top of financial crisis. It has come to our attention that leading filmmakers have alleged that some ‘inefficient’ producers have ruined Tollywood, redefining the job of a producer from a film maker to a mere production manager, albeit with all the money and no clue about the scripts.

With the ever increasing pay tickets within the film industry, it seems the producers are feeling the toll. Notably, a produced suffered a heart attack when he lost a massive sum of 15 crores to a recent flop. Producer Raman

emphatically stated, “To return to the golden era, budgets have to come down drastically. The Telugu market h

as just expanded two or three times but the budgets have gone up by six to seven times, an unequal match”

These producers have now decided to approach the council to deal with these over-budget and hefty pay-cheque issues.