Ten People Rebuked, Ninety Stood in Line for The Same - Director Maruthi Maruthi has created a brand for himself as a director who can deliver good content when he works with second-league stars of the Telugu Film Industry. Before this branding, he used to have a different identity as a filmmaker who used abusive language and double meaning entendre as his forte.

Speaking about his initial image Maruthi explained that he didn’t mind that image as it he took that content intentionally fully knowing that it’s not going to be liked by everyone. When ten people rebuked the content of his initial movies, ninety people stood in the line and watched them.

He was speaking about his movies ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ that gave him a particular image but he opines that he didn’t repeat the same thing intentionally. He knew that he is going to face criticism for that, so he didn’t repent doing that genre.

Now, he is ready to do two films a year as he thinks audiences missed a lot of entertainment during this COVID season. Maruthi is doing a web series for Aha platform as a writer but isn’t directing it. The director says that he has been discussing a story for Allu Arjun and there would be a movie in their combination though not immediately.