Jr_NTRMany people point fingers at films for being negatively impactful on the society. But here comes to light a heinous incident which took place almost two months ago but only surfaced recently. The incident almost has similarities with the gory and very shocking rape scene from ‘Temper’ but to be clear, NTR’s movie was released recently while the rape happened two months back.

Two men reportedly had raped a woman of Edlapadu of Guntur district. These rapists Ankamma Rao and Mahendra captured the shameless crime on their mobile phone and started showing the same to the villagers. And by word of mouth, this news reached the rape victim. The woman alongwith family lodged a complaint with the police. The accused were taken into custody.

It has come to light very late that the miscreants even tried to upload the video on YouTube. This one is not the first one. Only recently we have heard about a minor girl gangraped and the henious act which was filmed appeared on Whatsapp. These types of crimes are turning more evil when such miscreatants are trying to film rape and share them. Shame on them!