'Temper' GEMINI deal turns Temperamental‘Temper’ pre-release had been overwhelming and the film maker and producers didn’t blow the figures out of proportions. Though the pre-release hype was great for the movie, the business was done to see that it is a safe bet for both distributors and producers so at the end of the day, it won’t leave the distributors with less profits while the producers made table profits before release.

The satellite rights for the movie were sold out for Rs.7.5 crores to Gemini TV. The satellite channels heads were really wise to make a pre-release agreement because after the release it is estimated that the film would have easily earned Rs.10 crore plus for the blockbuster talk and run at the box-office.

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Presently there is a discussion going on how Gemini TV’s foresight paid off in bounty. The makers of the movie couldn’t eatimate the actual market range of the movie because of the star hero’s previous back to back flops and low phase of the director. The temperamental decision made Gemini to strike a very highly positive beneficial deal from its side. Nevertheless, what ‘s more important is that it is declared a unanimous hit.