NTR temper movie first day talkThe songs are good, it’s the best Tarak danced in years, the actor is superb, the sequence before interval, the climax will be highlights, it’s a new Tarak, is all what we have been hearing till now based on various sources. Come February 9, we will finally hear the first full-fledged talk on the film and not these bits and pieces information.

Temper has finished its post production activities today with the star completing his dubbing part. The film is all set to go to censor tomorrow and there won’t be any delay like we usually see with Telugu films, says the unit of the film. So as and when censor is completed, we all know how the censor talk flies all over.

The makers of Temper have so far been extremely confident and fans have rallied behind them all along with positivity. If the final talk comes in positively expect to see further spike in fans activity. However as we all have seen in the past it’s the talk of the audience that matters and not what one say before release therefore it would always be in better interest if one maintains a bit of restraint. Wouldn’t it? After all we are just days away from the grand release.