Telugu and Tollywood Media UpsetTelugu cinema is going Pan-India these days. Our films have clearly created a market for themselves in both the Telugu States. But with the market, the attitude of filmmakers is also changing media personnel feel.

For Radhe Shyam, Prabhas only allotted two days for promotions in Telugu. He only attended a Pressmeet of the film in Hyderabad and gave some exclusive interviews to big TV channels.

We have seen the RRR team doing a whirlwind tour across the country to promote their film. While the tour happened for days together, they have given only one day time for Telugu media.

They gave some TV interviews at the last minute just as a mere formality and totally ignored Print media interviews.

There was a common interview for Print and web after scores of interviews across the country. By that time, there were no fresh questions to ask and the answers were also repetitive.

Rajamouli is what he is today because of the help of Telugu media. It was Telugu media that promoted Baahubali extensively. He should have first addressed Telugu media and should have gone there. Telugu media’s number has come last,” they were seen telling.

Some journalists even feel that there is a hint of recklessness as well when talking to the media.

It is not just about Rajamouli. The other day, Puri Jagannadh had his JGM launch in Mumbai.

The media was sent the material of the event after the launch.

“After taking a cue from the RRR team, we will see Acharya and other films follow the suit very soon. Going forward filmmakers will develop a feeling that not giving prominence to Telugu media is cool,” a senior journalist told us.

But then, probably these are the little sacrifices everyone should do to see Telugu Cinema growing.