Telugu stars with ego skip Children's fest

Children’s film festival, which happens once in two years in Hyderabad, is usually a star-studded affair but this year has not been the same. With almost zero turnout of Telugu stars for various reasons, the festival this year is losing limelight. While Ranbir Kapoor made it to the inaugural ceremony, stars were required throughout the event.

According to Telugu director Teja, who only has stars to complain for not taking interest in attending the fest, says actors and filmmakers usually attend film festival from which they can seek material for their projects. It’s unlikely that they will find such material in a Children’s film festival, and even if they manage to find inspiration to make a children’s film, audiences are not going to welcome it as won’t suit local sensibilities.

When asked about why stars are not attending the fest, he said that most actors have ego problems, and therefore, act all pricey. He said they would only attend if they are personally invited. Ego is the biggest problem with our stars he said.