All of a sudden we see our Telugu stars including few top heroes and seniors rally behind Modi. Back in August when Modi was in Hyderabad several artists from Tollywood queued up to meet him. Most of them said the reason behind their enthusiasm to meet was only the amazing work done by Modi. Is that truly all? Is there something else they would prefer not to talk openly?

A week ago it was Jana Sena head Pawan who met Modi in Ahmedabad. While one can not question why he met Modi as he is now a political leader and expressed his full support on behalf of his party. But what could be the motive of others who started to meet after Pawan especially when they say they don’t have any political agenda to meet the prime ministerial candidate? Big question to ask is most of these stars neither support any political party openly in our state nor do their bit to educate their fans to increase the voting percentage like Bollywood star Aamir is doing. Most people see this as just their business interest or to save their properties as they are going all they way to Ahmedabad to meet Modi on the eve of elections only and why not before?. What do you think?