Even with the importance of publicity growing by many folds, the relations between the Telugu stars and the media are going from bad to worse. Stars these days are not ready to accept criticism on them or their movies. When some thing bad is written about them, they come out in defense in a harsh tone. And most of the time Twitter is becoming the platform for venting of their anger.

Here are few instances of rifts in recent times

1. Before the release of ‘180’, local news channels N tv and ABN Andhra Jyothy telecasted programmes on how there is poor buzz about ‘180’ and almost declared that the movie would be a flop.

Angry with the news channels, Siddharth tweeted that “these journalists will even sell off their families for such reports”. AP media had went on to boycott Siddharth. Producer Dil Raju finally intervened and resolved the rift between them.

2. Some time in 2010, Sakshi TV had telecast a program about Orange movie and Ram Charan’s character in the movie. Ram Charan had reacted sharply to it, he tweeted,”I LIVE BY MY RULES…i really don t care wat is spread by few idiotic channels like SAKSHI.i hav don a true character in orange and i LOV IT.”

3. Tapsee is one actress who does not go well with media. A popular news daily had reported that Tapsee is playing second fiddle in some movie. This has irked Tapsee, She blasted then in twitter,”Came across d CRAPPIEST article written recently so let me give them a piece of my mind. I am not playing 2nd lead in any of my movies anymore” Tapsee tweeted. She has also enlightened the media about her glamorous roles in Tamil cinema. “And especially in my Tamil movies I don’t have a glamorous role at all! So kindly check your knowledge before you misuse the space you get online to write!”.